Neck Pain

Neck pain is a prevalent issue for many residents of Katy, TX, whether it originates from exercise strain or discomfort after a long workday. Persistent neck pain can make simple movements painful and may cause headaches that impact daily life. Those dealing with neck pain may avoid using the affected muscles, which can lead to muscle degeneration and worsen the condition over time.

Determining the root cause of neck pain is essential for effective treatment. Our chiropractor in Katy, TX, has successfully treated neck pain for many individuals. This post explores potential causes of neck pain and explains how chiropractic care at Legros Chiropractic & Rehab can provide lasting relief

Treating Neck Pain in Katy, TX

The neck, though not the largest part of the body, serves as a critical bridge between the head and the rest of the body. The small vertebrae and muscles in the neck allow for mobility but are vulnerable to injuries and pain due to their size and limited strength.

Common causes of neck pain include:

  • Trauma
  • Poor sleeping position
  • Poor posture
  • Repetitive strain
  • Bone abnormalities
  • Joint issues
  • Muscle strains and pulls

The primary reason for most neck pain is decreased mobility in the spine. When neck pain occurs, muscles may spasm causing further restriction of range of motion. Dysfunction in the spine can create nerve irritation and impact other areas of the body, making neck pain a potentially serious condition.

Sometimes, neck pain is dismissed, with individuals hoping it will resolve naturally without lasting effects. While the pain might subside, the lingering spinal dysfunction can lead to future complications. Without proper treatment, neck pain may become chronic and permanently limit certain movements. In severe cases, delayed treatment can even result in the need for surgery.

Conventional Vs. Holistic Approaches to Neck Pain in Katy, TX

Many people experiencing neck pain seek over-the-counter medications for temporary relief, but these solutions often don't address the root cause of the pain. Massage therapy is another popular method that relaxes the neck muscles, but it may not target the source of the pain.

Chiropractic care takes a holistic approach, aiming to treat the underlying cause and promote overall well-being. Dr. Lacie will perform a thorough examination to help pinpoint the origin of the pain and discuss options for relief. Chiropractic care such as gentle adjustments, muscle work, stretches, and rehab exercises often provide long-term relief.

If you or someone you know is suffering from neck pain, contact Legros Chiropractic & Rehab in Katy, TX, today to schedule a consultation and find relief from the pain.

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