Hip Pain

Hip pain affects one in three adults, ranging from mild discomfort to severe interference with daily activities. Causes may include injury, overuse, or aging, with relief sometimes achievable through rest and self-care. However, when pain becomes severe, chronic, or recurring, consulting a chiropractor is advisable.

Understanding the Causes of Hip Pain:

The hip comprises a ball-and-socket joint where the femur's head meets the acetabulum, forming one of the body's most mobile joints. During activities like walking or running, the hip joints absorb considerable impact requiring strong support structures. Any injury or dysfunction in these structures—such as cartilage, synovial fluid, ligaments, tendons, or muscles—can lead to irritation, swelling, and pain.

Assessing Injury-Induced Hip Pain:

Injuries to the hip typically manifest suddenly following impact or exertion and are common among athletes and active individuals. Causes may include overuse, unfamiliar activities, dehydration/electrolyte imbalances, or fitness training gaps. While mild to moderate injuries can often heal with rest, persistent or worsening pain warrants evaluation to rule out serious injury or infection.

Understanding Chronic Hip Pain:

Chronic hip pain often stems from untreated injuries, degenerative conditions, or aging, gradually worsening over time. Tears or worn-down cartilage can exacerbate pain during activities like walking, sitting, standing, or turning, eventually leading to bone-on-bone friction if left untreated.

Chiropractic Interventions for Hip Pain:

  • Spinal Manipulation alleviates pressure on nerves communicating with the hips, addressing underlying issues contributing to pain.
  • Rehabilitation Exercises and Stretches target muscle weaknesses or imbalances, reducing strain on overworked muscles and enhancing joint stability.
  • Soft-tissue therapy aims to release muscle tension and stimulate blood flow, promoting recovery and alleviating pain.
  • Ultrasound therapy complements these interventions by targeting muscle and tissue relaxation and enhancing blood circulation to expedite healing.

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